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sg_serpstatAs I regularly skim the internet for great business resources and software, I was informed of another free keyword tool that I wasn’t aware of until just a few days ago. It’s called Sg.SerpStatSo I had to try it out for myself. Let’s just say, ‘I’m hooked!’ And with that said, I had the pleasure of receiving just how the this keyword tool works right from the person who developed it. His name is Austin Ahamba and below is the information he provided to me so I can post it on today’s blog, giving him the credit and the visibility to drive traffic to the site. You won’t be disappointed!

Sg.SerpStat is a free keyword suggestions tool that’ll make your work with keywords really quick, easy and convenient. This is a new service that has been launched for everybody who works with keyword search suggestions. 

Serpstat comes with a lot of exciting features:


  • Gives a full list of keywords on your query in seconds;


  • It also comes with an additional unique feature of generating interrogative questions. These are the FAQs people ask on the search engine on daily basis— you can easily create a nice content plan with this. 


  • unites search suggestions in topics;


  • export keyword results in a convenient unloading document format (TXT).

NB: You’ll be required to sign up in order to export your keyword results. This can be done in seconds.


The search is performed on Google search engine, USA. Try Serpstat tool right now: http://sg.serpstat.com/.  It’s 100% free of charge! 

So there you have it. Feel free to share your experience with the tool once you’ve given it a try. I would like to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. 🙂

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