Grab Your Blog Editorial Calendar and Start Posting!

In light of me taking part in the 31 Days Blog Challenge starting next week, I was inspired today to share with you a couple of different blogging tools that will help you stay on track with your weekly blogging tasks.

In the past, I have used a simple spreadsheet to keep me on track when scheduling my blog posts based on my topics of expertise, but whatever works for you can make a difference when you want to post articles consistently. Consistency is key in marketing your business. Below is a screenshot sample of the blog schedule calendar I created and use. You are welcome to download it and use it HERE.

The other handy tool that I discovered just last week is an idea generator based on questions that are asked via Twitter. It’s called the inboxQ app. By inputting different key words that revolve around your area of expertise, you can grab these questions from inboxQ and generate a blog post (or posts) from them.

When Twitter followers ask questions that match the key words set up, I will review them within the app and determine if I want to use them in a blog article. I can also respond back to the followers too or forward it to another expert that is on Twitter. The inboxQ app is available to load up into HootSuite or as an extension in Google Chrome.

Oh, and for more blog tool ideas, then don’t miss this recent article written at The Social Media Examiner blog here. They have tons to share!

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