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form-builder_8.1_win_enToday’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s WordPress video training tutorial on how to add widgets to your site sidebar. But I want to expand a little on something creative you can add to your site and be able to capture names and emails and that is in the form of a free offer. I’m a big proponent of developing and marketing a free offer for business websites because it’s an easy call-to-action step when a reader visits your site. I’ve covered this marketing concept at least twice in recent articles I have written. If you missed it, you can find one at this post, Create a Free Offer and They Will Come.

I have placed many a web form on my sites and client sites so I know how challenging it can be to decide what you want the free offer text to read, then follow that up with a web form to captures names and email addresses. But if you are using an email marketing platform like Aweber or MailChimp, then you can easily create the web form to match the brand and color scheme of your site, then just as easily add the web form code to a widget in your site sidebar.

In this video demonstration, I am going to show you how you can past the HTML form code into a Text Widget and how to use the Aweber form plugin to install your form as well. Yes, I’m a big fan of Aweber (yes, I’m an affiliate too!) and have been using their platform for five years now. You can try them out for $1.00 for 30 days, then decide if you want to subscribe with a monthly subscription cost of $19.00. It has been well worth the monthly cost because not only can you set up different lists for different email capture forms, but you can also set up a series of autoresponder emails to be scheduled and broadcast out to your subscribers. Another thing you may not know about Aweber is it has a blog subscription module that allows you to set up an email capture form and for those that subscribe, your blog post is automatically emailed out to your subscribers, much like Feedburner. The big difference is with Aweber is you can communicate to this same blog list in between blog posts with an email blast because you have a list built just around your blog subscribers. Plus it’s really easy to set up and create a much-more customizable web form than you cannot find on Feedburner. You can see my blog subscription web form on the top right-hand side of this blog article. Feel free to subscribe if you are interested in what I blog about. 🙂

Watch this video tutorial on how to add web forms to your site sidebar, then leave a comment or question for me. I promise I will reply back and share additional information if you are interested in learning more about WordPress setup and maintenance.

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wordpressWidgetIn today’s Part Three WordPress training installment, I want to share with you my training video on how to create and add widgets to your website or blog sidebar. If you missed my Part One and Part Two training videos, you can find them HERE.

Have you ever visited a website or blog and you notice they have text and images filling up their site sidebar? That’s because they have added these elements using their widget feature in their blog dashboard. It’s really simple to add text, hyperlinked images and web forms to your site sidebar if you have the right tutorial and tools to get you started. And that is what I have waiting for you below…my quick video tutorial on how to add widgets to your website sidebar.

One word of caution for you as you are building your site sidebar, keep it simple. What I mean by that is don’t load up your site sidebar to distract your readers in reading the important message which is your main content. Make sure you have a balance of both content and features on your sidebar, especially if you have less content than sidebar items.

As a rule of thumb, I would suggest adding these items be added to spruce up your widgetized sidebar:

  • Your free offer and email capture web form (I would put this first on your sidebar)
  • Your featured product or program
  • Social media follow icons or buttons
  • Scrolling testimonials (great plugins for this: Flexi Quote Rotator or (SPYR) Tweet-stimonials
  • For your blog page, I recommend adding Categories, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Tag Cloud

Watch the video below and let me know if you have any questions or additional comments you want to add in the comments box at the bottom of this page. I promise I’ll reply back. 😉

Tomorrow’s WordPress training video: How to Add a Web Form to Your Site Sidebar

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wp-pluginsAs an expert in using WordPress, I always like to share how this very popular CMS and blogging platform can be a powerhouse in showcasing your business in the form of a website or blog (or both!). I’ve been creating a lot of websites and blogs using WordPress over the years. It’s really easy to use once you have WordPress installed on your own domain name and hosting account. There are TONS of online training tutorials on how you can set up your blog, choosing a theme, adding your content and blogging. I know because I’m one of those that likes to provide these kinds of tutorials in the form of live training workshops and recorded videos. This will be the year you will find me preparing and marketing these kinds of live and recorded programs. Be on the lookout for my announcement very soon!

As part of my “mini” WordPress Video Training series posts, today’s video training tip covers how to choose the best plugins for your WordPress website or blog. I share with you in the video below my top starter plugins I install and configure on every new website or blog I create for my clients. I also show you how easy it is to install and configure one of the plugins on my plugin starter list. But you have to watch the video to see which one I demonstrate!

If you missed the Part One WordPress training video, you can find it HERE. I teach you how to create pages and posts…easy stuff!

Please take the next few minutes and watch this video on how to choose the best plugins for your WordPress site. I welcome your comments and suggestions below on what you find to be the best plugins that work for your website or blog. However, if you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to watch the video in its entirety, you can download my top starter plugins list HERE.

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I ask the question about WordPress training because I have hosted live training workshops on how to create content-rich websites and how to market them to business owners, but I have also packaged together these same training programs for those interested and cannot make the live training sessions.

What do you prefer?

Would you rather be on live, group training webinar calls or learn how to use WordPress at your own pace?

Either style of learning is acceptable as long as you place a commitment that YOU will take the time to watch the training sessions and participate in homework assignments if they are made available to you. It’s hard to harvest the time for training when you are a busy business owner like myself. But opening yourself to business development training has its benefits. You can learn a new skill and offer it as part of your business if you enjoy performing those type of tasks. It does not hurt to invest your time into something that will be profitable in the long run. It should be something you budget in your business and marketing plan each year anyway.

Another reason why I ask the question on how you would want your training to be delivered is I will be developing a new WordPress training program this Fall, involved around developing a dynamic website and using all aspects of marketing available so that you have all the tools you have and no excuse to build a website AND a blog to market your business.

If there is something specific you would want to learn or see in the WordPress training program this year, please feel free to email me with your questions or suggestions. I’m happy to hear what you say!

Until next time…