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pinterest-for-bizHere’s my second installment of Pinterest use and marketing that I want to share with you today. Yesterday’s topic was related to Pinterest marketing for your business and how you can get a jump-start on promoting your website using simple tools and plugins. If you missed this article, you can find it HERE.

Today, I want to cover how you set up your Pinterest business account and start “pinning” based on your interests and areas of expertise in your business. If you already have a personal profile account, you can also convert it to a business account with just a couple of additional steps to take. Pinterest rolled out the business account feature back in November 2012.

How to Set Up a Business Account:

Visit Pinterest at
Create your business account by adding your business type, contact name, email address, password and business profile information.

Now if you already have a personal profile and want to convert it to a business page, you can go here: Otherwise, you can keep your personal account intact and you can create a separate business account. You will go through a similar process as conversion, except you will get a chance to choose and create a new username.



Once you click on the “Convert” button, you will be taken to the section below when you can modify your existing Pinterest account details. First, you will have to select your business type.



 Next, you will enter additional details such as your contact name and business name, plus you will have the ability to edit your “About” information and website information.



Lastly, you will have to agree with the new Terms of Service agreement for Pinterest. You’re now ready to convert!

Getting Started

Once you have converted your personal account or created a new business account, you have the next four options to choose from.


Verify your website. The first option is to verify your website with Pinterest. This will allow users to see your full website URL on your profile and in search results.





To do this, you will need to either upload an HTML file created by Pinterest to your web server or add a meta tag from Pinterest to your website. If you are using, the meta tag might be an easier option because you will just add it to your theme’s header.php file or in your theme’s settings where it allows you to add scripts in the header. Once you have either uploaded the file or added the meta tag, you can click the complete button. For me, I was able to FTP the Pinterest-provided HTML file to my domain root folder and I was easily verified.


Start pinning.



If you converted from a personal account, chances are you already have board and pins to work with. If you don’t, go ahead and add the “Add Bookmarklet” to add the Pinterest “Pin It” Bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar.




Drive traffic back.



Encourage your website or blog visitors to share your images with their Pinterest followers by adding the “Pin It” button to your website. You can grab a “pin-it” button from Pinterest’s goodie page here or you can find the “pin-it” button in several social media sharing plugins like ShareThis, DiggDigg or the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images.


Grow your audience.



Pinterest has also added new buttons to allow more people to see your latest Pinterest activity. This can be through a Pinterest follow button which you can find on Pinterest’s goodie page here



You can also use either the profile widget or the board widget to showcase your latest pins or boards by selecting one of these on the Pinterest Buttons and Widgets page.





Follow the four steps above and you’ll be ready to grow and expand your Pinterest following.

Now your Pinterest account is open for business! Good luck and Happy “Pinning”!

If you have any comments or questions about Pinterest, please feel free to drop me a line in the “Comments” section of this article. I would love to hear what is working for you to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest.

Tomorrow’s Pinterest Topic: How to Search for Pinterest “Pin” Topics 


It’s Pinterest week at the Digital Marketing Maven blog!

I’m starting off this week of blog articles that are themed around Pinterest and how to use it effectively to market your business. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account set up, then I highly recommend you subscribe and start “pinning”.

Just to give an idea of how popular Pinterest is now than it was just a year ago, it had topped Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, and in February 2012, Pinterest beat out Twitter for the first time. With the rise of mobile marketing and mobile e-commerce, having the ability to market your business with visual imaging is what attracts readers, thus attracting potential clients or customers to your site. Have you noticed the boom of images being posted on Facebook lately? There’s a reason for that. Facebook followers are attracted to visual messages. It’s called “visual marketing”. I love reading tips, quotes, inspirational messages I see captioned on visually appealing images. It’s just something that is attractive to the human eye. With that attraction comes an interest in what you are posting. Well you can now post your “interesting images” on Pinterest, but have more of a focus and message that can really bring in traffic to your own site. Social media has a way to attract traffic, but just like anything else, you need to spend time in using it everyday.

Let me give you a little example of what Pinterest is…

Pinterest’s tagline is: “A place to organize and share things you love”.

  • When you have something you want to share with the world, whether it’s something you have or it’s something that one of your friends or family has that you want to share, you place it on a bulletin board for the world to see. This could be a “brag board” right on the front of your refrigerator! Now take this concept and put it online for the internet community to see. Anything you find interesting online…a website you want to bookmark, a product you want to buy…Pinterest is a great way to do this.
  • It’s a public shared bulletin board for all to see. It’s a place to share and obtain new ideas from the growing community of other Pinterest users. You and your friends can follow each other’s boards and you can search the entire Pinterest community for others who have pinned topics that interest you. You follow them and they can follow you, in return.

So now that you know a little about how Pinterest works, you just need to know how it will work marketing your business. That’s simple!

Follow these three hot tips to get a jump-start on Pinterest Marketing:

The great thing about marketing your brand is it’s a visual portal to your website, whereas with the Facebook platform, you create social relationships that could lead to interest in what you sell. with Pinterest, it’s a great opportunity to use social media a little differently, with a focus on content first, followed by social interactions second.

Tip One

Add a Pinterest follow button to your site. If you use for your blog or website, you can use the plugin called the Pinterest “Follow” Button and choose from different icon buttons available or you can create your own and upload it to the plugin configuration page. Here’s a screenshot of the different buttons they offer from the plugin. If you do not use, you can visit Pinterest’s goodie page that has different “pin it” buttons you can pull from there too.


Tip Two

Add a ‘Pin It’ button to your site. You can have a “pin” button sit next to any of your images on your site so it can be pinned and associated with a page or blog post that the image resides on. Again, there’s a plugin that can provide a “pin it” button, plus allow you to hover over a image and it will provide a way to click the image and “pin it” too. It’s called the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin. For blogs, you can also find “pin-it” buttons on the Pinterest goodie page. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when you mouse over an image on my recent blog post.


Tip Three

Invite other members to follow your boards and pins. Any chance you have to promote your Pinterest board and pins, then make sure you are doing this as much as you promote your Facebook or Twitter account. If you’ve got a Twitter or Facebook account, link to Pinterest on there and ask people to join.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments you want to share about Pinterest. I’m still growing my following and boards, but I would love to have you follow me. Here’s my profile: Or you can click on my Pinterest button on my sidebar to follow me.

Tomorrow’s Pinterest Topic: Your Pinterest Account is Now Open for Business!

Until tomorrow (Day 21 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge)!