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Hosting webinars, whether they are free or not, is a great way to make your online presence and profession known in a large-scale fashion. In other words, you can make an impact on your listeners because you are sharing your expertise in a personal, live one-on-one or group setting. The way it has helped me (and I’ve hosted a number of webinars) is it conveyed to my listeners, either live or recorded, that this is the type of training style I provide when I host my WordPress training sessions. And because I use a sign up form to register users to be on the webinar, I am collecting interested names and emails to communicate to at a later time.

I have used A LOT of different webinar platforms, including and, but because I do not use these platforms on a regular basis, the cost of using these platforms doesn’t justify the amount of times I use them in my business.

What you need is a webinar platform that can have a large number of participants logged in at one time and it can be used as much or as little as you need it. I’m referring to my now most favorite webinar hosting platform called You can use it for free, but it also has a paid version that still costs less than GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar. If you use it for free, it runs an advertisement bar on the right side of the participant’s screen, but for the paid version, it does not include advertisements.

Here are some additional features that has:

  • No required downloads
  • Meet with up to 200 participants
  • You can send email invitations from the platform
  • Create custom web sign-up forms
  • Promote meetings on Facebook and Twitter
  • Screen sharing, application sharing, video conferencing
  • Your choice of audio broadcasting (either via phone or computer speakers)
  • Record and share your meetings
  • Interact with your attendees via video conferencing
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • And it’s completely free unless you want it ad-free

You can find the rest of the features HERE.

If you decide you want to sign up for the paid versions of, they have two versions to choose from:

  • 25 attendees at $14.39 per month (most popular) – regularly $17.99 / mth, but with 20% off promo right now
  • 200 attendees at $55.99 per month – regularly $69.99 / mth, but with 20% off promo right now

I hope this article will encourage you to consider hosting webinars in your business. It’s a great way to market your expertise and it’s a great way to build your subscriber list too!

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