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Earlier this week, I shared with you the Top Five video streaming platforms that you can choose from, so I found it appropriate to end the week with a post on video marketing. Here in the next few weeks, I am going to embark on the task of video marketing for my own business. Sure, I have recorded videos of my WordPress training in the past, but I want to be able to put my face in the videos this time and demonstrate what I am passionate about and that is using the tools available to you to market your business effectively. I’m actually in the market of finding a reliable video recorder that all I have to do is click a button and I’m live and alive!

So today, I want to share with you Top Ten Video Marketing Tips to help you get a jump start on creating videos and sharing them so that it improves your SEO. You don’t want to miss these tips! Read on.

Ten Tips for Video Marketing for Your Business

  1. Content that Sells – I don’t think I have to explain in detail that content, whether it’s on your website or blog, needs to be engaging and interesting to gain a following from your readers. You want to keep the visitor on your site, so what you have to say is very important. The same applies with creating videos pertaining to your business. They have to be interesting in order for your viewer to watch the complete video and make a decision on whether or not they want to do business with you.
  2. Choose Your Title Carefully – Choosing the right words to formulate your title can mean the difference between a client prospect and a client sale. Your video title will be searchable by Google and other search engines, so make it count!
  3. Review How Video Marketing is Working for Others – It doesn’t hurt to review the traffic to other video marketers that share your niche. See what is working for them. View their videos to get ideas to strengthen your own marketing. As long as your are not plagiarizing their content, then you are not breaking any laws.
  4. Make the First 15 Seconds Count – Make those first few seconds of your video compelling enough that the viewer is willing to watch the rest of the video. Be professional in your entrance and don’t make your audience fall asleep.
  5. Keep It Simple – Sometimes plain and simple can get your point across. Don’t use a lot of jargon and complicated words that will bore your audience. This goes along with making the first 15 seconds count.
  6. Stay on Topic – Just like any content you share, be sure to stay on topic with your audience. Once you start to stray away from your target topic and content, again, your viewers will lose interest and leave your video and/or your site.
  7. Analyze Your Audience – Does your audience have a need or challenge that only YOU can solve for them? Are you able to detect a trend in what your audience is looking for? If so, grab that opportunity to target them with every ounce of information you know you can share. That will grab their attention!
  8. Be Consistent in Your Message – This tip can easily be related to Tip#6, “Stay on Topic”, but I believe it’s much more than that. What I mean by this is you stay on topic, but whatever you decide you want to share with others, be sure you mean and say the same thing. In other words, practice what you preach. Mean what you say. Just be consistent.
  9. Make Your Content Timeless – If your content is consistent, compelling and on topic, then your content will surely be timeless.
  10. Post Consistently – This applies to any marketing technique, especially video marketing. The more you record, post and share your content, and you do it consistently (three to four times per week), then the more chances your videos will be visited, watched and your visitors will build a trust between you and your business practice.

If you feel you have other video marketing tips you want to share, please feel free to by commenting at the bottom of this post. I urge you to add video marketing ot your daily, weekly or monthly marketing plan. Oh, and be sure to track your results to see if video marketing is working for you. If someone completes a contact form,  be sure one of the fields asks the question, “How Did You Find Out About Us?” You may be surprised that they watched one of your videos!

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If you are not already using video to market your business, then you may well be missing out on some great opportunities to promote and gain clients this way. It is a very popular and fast-growing marketing technique that more and more small business owners are implementing in their marketing efforts. The problem is that people are “camera-shy” and don’t feel they have much to offer using video of themselves. So not true! If you own a business, you have A LOT to say and the best way to leverage that passion and energy is to create short videos and share on your website, your blog, or your social media platforms. As soon as you publish videos and add the right key words, your videos can be found easily in a Google search.

Today’s post, I share with you the top five video platforms that can dramatically increase your video marketing efforts, thus bringing you more traffic to your website or blog.


Being the most popular video platform, YouTube has its benefits, as you can easily record and upload short length videos and promote in many different platforms and websites. Of course, your YouTube account is free. It does have some limitations like not being able to upload large length videos and some customization limitations exist too.


Vimeo has become a very popular video streaming platform over the past few years and continues to grow at a very large pace amongst top internet marketing gurus and other small business owners. I personally use Vimeo to host a lot of my long-length WordPress training videos. You can use the free version of Vimeo, but it doesn’t allow you to embed your videos in a different location other than your Vimeo account page. Another couple of features about Vimeo is you can make your videos password protected and you can customize your video player and have the end of the video either show similar videos that you host or have the viewer click on a link to a web page of your choice.


Viddler is another video marketing platform that comes with a price tag, but it has a lot of great features that meets the needs of your video marketing efforts. If you are willing to pay for the service and you know you will be creating A LOT of video (perhaps for a TV website or blog), then Viddler would be the right choice for you. You can view the Viddler videos on any mobile device.


Screenr is a web-based screen recorder that allows you to record your computer screen. It makes it really easy to quickly create demo videos that takes minutes to convert and share on your social media platforms. The only drawback for someone like me is that it only gives you about five minutes of recording time. It does have a paid version that allows you to record from your own website if you want. Plus, it allows you to customize or brand your player.


Screencast-O-Matic is another screen recording application that I tend to use more than Screenr as it allows more time to record your screen. You get 15 minutes of record time versus only five minutes of record time. SOM also has a paid version that allows you to record as much time as you want. The paid version also allows you to customize your video player too.

Whether it’s a free or fee video platform, you have more than enough choices to consider giving video marketing a try for your business. Putting a face with your voice speaks volumes to your loyal following and future following by others.

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