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As part of my 2015 rebranding and updating of all my social media platforms with my new head shot and logo graphic today, I realized I needed to adjust image sizes, change out some content, etc. It’s a really good practice to review your images and content on your social media platforms on a regular basis anyway. With the platforms constantly changing their layouts, it’s good to know what the new image dimensions you can use.

To make it easy on anyone that wants to get a jump on refreshing their profiles on all their social media platforms, I’ve got the perfect infographic for you! Check this out compliments of the Constant Contact blog.

To make it easy on anyone that wants to get a jump on refreshing their profiles on all their social media… Click To Tweet

Need a couple of more resources for resizing images or creating images for your social media platform profiles? Then I highly recommend Canva, especially since it provides pre-measured templates for most of your profiles images like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. There’s also Picmonkey that will allow you to resize your images and add text and graphics, if you like. Both of these platforms are free unless you want premium features, specifically for Picmonkey. And you’re welcome! 🙂


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It’s great if you are actively posting and engaging on your major social media networks, but are you maximizing your reach and increasing your followers and fans by posting at ideal times? Oh no? Why not? If you didn’t know this already, there are ways to measure your visibility and strategically post at peaks days and times to maximize your reach. With all the different social networks available, there are additional platforms that can collect and report to you how well you’re doing with your posting your content. I’ll share with you below the different platforms you can subscribe to that can collect this kind of data, but first I want to share with you a cool infographic, created and featured on the SurePayroll’s blog, that clearly shows you when are the best times and the worst times to post to your social media platforms. You definitely want to keep this near your desk for reference. Check it out: 

Courtesy of: SurePayroll

Now with that being said, I promised you a list of different analytic tools that you can use to measure your post visibility. Here they are for each major social media platform: 

Please note that some of these analytics platforms are completely free. While some are free, they may also offer a higher level of service at a monthly fee. I would only subscribe to the paid platforms if you want to focus on one or two different social media platforms that you know are sending you clients or customers to your business.


With Facebook, you can check your FB page analytics by visiting your page and clicking on the “Insights” tab (It’s completely free!). Screenshot below. I would suggest measuring your post results now, then place your posts on a schedule based on the best times to post, then compare the results again to see how you did. You might be surprised that you’ve optimized your reach!



With LinkedIn, you can use their built in analytics that can be found for your personal profile and your business page. For your personal profile, look for the sub-tab called, “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” under the main Profile tab when you’re logged into your account. You would be surprised what you will find there based on your activity and who is viewing your profile. For your business page, you can go to the Account and Settings drop-down menu located underneath your profile picture and click on the Company Page “Manage” link. From there, you will see an “Analytics” tab that gives you all the info you need on reach, engagement, followers and visitors.


With Twitter, you can subscribe to the free version of Tweriod which will allow you to analyze up to 1,000 of your followers or you can pay up to $15 per month for as many as 50,000+ followers. What I like about this tool is it will provide you hourly stats and you can connect it to Buffer to automatically schedule your tweets.


With Google+, you can subscribe to the Timing+ platform and determine what are the best times for you to post based on past activity. It’s completely free to use.


Pinterest has its own analytics tool and it can be found here: Pinterest Analytics They just recently improved the Pinterest analytics dashboard, giving you a better understanding on your pin influence and who liked your pins and repins. 


With Instagram, you can subscribe to Iconosquare to view your analytics. And it’s completely free to use! Great tool by the way.

Okay, so you now have all you need to effectively post to your social media platforms and ways to measure your results. What are you waiting for? Get posting! Feel free to share if you have any additional tools you use in conjunction with your favorite social media platforms. I always welcome input on what is the best tools on the web.

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tweetadderToday I want to share with you a tip on using Tweetadder for Twitter. I’ve been using it for nearly a year now and I’m glad I have invested in it because it does allow me to manage my Twitter followers and tweets from the software dashboard.

The one thing I wasn’t happy about, however, was when they changed the ability to auto-follow a certain number of Twitter accounts per day. They had to remove that feature when Twitter cracked down on the terms of service banning “Automated Followbacks” that was taking place with the use of Tweetadder. So now I have to hand-pick those that I want to follow based on certain criteria. That’s great considering I want quality Twitter followers anyway.

If you are not familiar with Tweetadder, you can find out more about it here:

Some of it’s really cool features include:

  • Ability to search for Twitter followers based on these criteria:
    • Tweet Search: what people have tweeted
    • Profile Data Search: what people have included in their profile
    • Location Search: where people are located
    • Followers of a User: who someone follows
    • Followed by a User: who follows someone
    • Twitter Lists: who is contained within a Twitter list
  • You’re able to create an unlimited list of direct messages that you can have rotate automatically
  • You can upload tweets and have them randomly tweet on a per-tweet schedule throughout the day (You cannot schedule them to go out at a specific time. You can use HootSuite for that)
  • You can send out a tweet at any time you have it cross your mind

The cost of the software is $55 for one profile, $74 for five profiles. If you’re a VA or a marketing professional that manages more than one Twitter account, they also have an unlimited profile package for $188.

Check it out! Let me know if you are already using it or you have questions about it by leaving a comment in the Reply box below. And if you’re interested in following me on Twitter, you can find me here:

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2014-social-media-predictionsAs we embark on a new year, it also means that for us business bloggers we need to consider where we want to market ourselves in the area of social media. Social media is never going to go away…at least not anytime soon, so if you’re not networking, you may be losing visibility and business opportunities if you’re not expanding your marketing to include posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter.

Last year at this time, I posted the latest in social media trends and they are pretty close to where they need to be starting off for 2014. You can read my January 1, 2013 article here if you’re interested.

So this is what I think will happen to the following social media platforms in 2014:


You will notice that I listed Pinterest first because, in my opinion, it’s my top choice for social media marketing and it’s my top choice for visual marketing. Visual marketing has become very popular over the past couple of years and its popularity will continue to rise over the next few years. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t see images splashed all over our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter newsfeeds, some of which come complete with quotes and tips. This is just one example of visual marketing. I wrote a recent article on how you can start creating your own visual images using Infographics, Shareables and slideshows here

Pinterest has also been adding on measurement tools to create a better understanding of how followers are finding your pins and repinning them. I’m a big user of Pinterest and the reason I like it so much is I can just search on any topic I need information for and I’m reading and repinning articles so that I can always go back and read the article or I am providing recognition for the author that wrote the article. Free marketing opportunity! That’s what Pinterest is all about! If you want to learn more about Pinterest and how it works, I wrote a series of Pinterest Marketing articles last year that you can find here.


I believe that Facebook will hold its own for 2014 in that it will still be the top social media marketing platform. Facebook is very popular as a casual social media network, in my opinion. The one trend I did notice and I just read about recently is Facebook has become less popular with the teen population. Teens are becoming more social on Instagram. However, those same teens will mature into adults and they may return to Facebook! We shall see.


Now LinkedIn is my choice of business connections and marketing to my connections when I have something important to write about. I belong to several LI groups and by participating and commenting on discussions there, then I’m providing a resource and valuable information to those that actively participate in the groups. This is professional networking and I believe that it will continue to grow and become more of a resource for those that are serious in their business marketing efforts. LinkedIn is still the second most popular social media platform, by the way.


Twitter has lost its ground in being the third popular social media marketing platform as Pinterest took it’s place last year. And that maybe because of the rising popularity of visual marketing. I’m an active Twitter follower, but I have to admit that I haven’t received the return from using Twitter in my business as I had hoped I would. I don’t have a big follow list, but it appears that maybe those that do follow me are not aligned with what I have to offer. I will be reviewing and cleaning up my Twitter follow list in the next few weeks to see if I can change how Twitter marketing is working for me.


YouTube will always be the top video marketing platform, but it’s second in line for contention, Vimeo, has my top vote for specific features that I like that YouTube does not offer. One of the things that I see more of with video creation applications is they have the ability to integrate with YouTube and Vimeo and I find that extremely important in automating video uploads, especially if you are going to utilize a lot of video marketing in your business. I will be creating tons of video in 2014, so I want to be sure I’m using the best tools that take little time to work with.


I’m not a big fan of using Instagram (I do have an account, however), but apparently it’s popular among our younger audience. I do know of popular companies that do utilize using Instagram for their marketing efforts, but I have to wonder what their target audience is and if it’s working for them. I’ll have to dig further into my research and find some more effective results on Instagram marketing.

Vine and MySpace? 

Just over the past couple of days, I’m hearing rumors that MySpace is making a comeback and could certainly be in contention with Facebook over the next few years. I don’t have a MySpace account and I don’t plan on creating one as I’ve already got several irons in the fire. If they can prove to me that it’s well worth becoming active on MySpace when it comes to business marketing, then I’ll reconsider creating a profile there.

If you don’t already know what Vine is, here’s a simple definition of what it is:

Vine is a video-sharing app created by Twitter, but it’s not just any video-sharing app. It’s designed in a way for you to film short, separate instances so they can be linked together for a total of six seconds. Each short video plays in a continuous loop, and are viewable directly in Twitter’s timeline.

I see Vine becoming more popular like Instagram, but just like any new social media platform, they do come and go and there will be more apps available in the coming years that will either replace it or be in competition with it.

As I mentioned last year, with any type of social media marketing, the bottom line is you need to be consistent with your message. If you implement a great social media marketing campaign, but it drops out just days into the campaign because you got too busy, then you are robbing yourself of potential web or blog traffic. If you don’t have the time to manage your social media marketing, then you may need to consider hiring someone to manage it for you. I’m a Social Media Marketing Assistant! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me evaluate your current social media marketing plan!

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what-is-an-infographic_383x307pxToday’s Tech Tuesday topic is something that I have come across recently in my research on visualization marketing…a new wave of marketing that’s extremely popular using your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t see images splashed all over our Facebook newsfeeds, some of which come complete with quotes and tips. Have you ever wondered how people create these images so quickly? Sure, they may have a graphic designer on their team, but there are actually free (and fee) platforms that allow you to create these quickly and easily without paying a designer for them.

Different kinds of visual marketing come in the form of shareables (images with text), infographics and slideshows. I’ve compiled a list of different platforms you can visit and try your hand at all these different kinds of visual marketing concepts. Feel free to comment or share what you found to be your best graphic design platform yet.

For Infographics

For Shareables 

For Slideshows

Lastly, I also came across the font called the Chalk font, which I see a lot of this being used in graphic images. I found different versions of the font here: