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I thought I would start off the first Friday of January 2014 with a shareable quote that was an idea I took from one of Michelle Schaeffer’s blogging tips. I used QuoteGarden to search the quote I liked and I used Quozio to apply the quote to one of their cool backgrounds. Pretty simple, huh? 

Well this is my first shareable quote! This quote is profound to me as it relates to how I want to live my life in a personal and professional sense. There were times in my life that I had been silenced by circumstances and I felt like I had no voice when it was time to stand up for myself. Over the years, I have gotten better with voicing who I am and that I truly have a purpose here on this earth. I can safely say that I define who I am…no body else!

As a business owner, I can also apply this quote to how I never want to be silenced by the nay-sayers who think I cannot manage my business and watch it flourish. One of the visions I have for 2014 is to expand my digital marketing business to include social media marketing training and WordPress design training. I’ve actually had training programs in the past, but I want to shake it up a little bit and make it a truly engaging and profound program for my clients. But what I need to do is to clear the negativity in my own mind and push forward with my business concept and see it through within the next couple of months. I know I can do this!

Re-read the quote above again. I would love to hear how it impacts your life today. Feel free to leave your comment at the bottom of the post.

Until tomorrow (Day 4 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge)!