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free-signOne of the easiest and most popular ways to drive traffic to your site and have visitors subscribe to your blog or newsletter is providing a free offer product or service they can subscribe to and use. It’s also known as “List Building” or “Pink Spoon Marketing” amongst the internet marketing community. If a visitor likes what your business is offering, chances are, if you have something that is useful to them and it’s free, then they are obliged to complete a web form and receive the download of your product or service.

Once you have your subscriber’s information (name and/or email address), you can now leverage it by communicating regularly to them either through your blog or newsletter. That is where “list building” gets its name. Build your list and they will come, I say!

Question is…Is Your Free Offer Compelling Enough? Is your free give-away worth the download or use if it’s a free consultation? Something to think about before you place an offer on your site.

Consider these next tips before you compile your free offer for your site.

  • Before deciding what you want to offer to your website visitors, do your homework first. Research what your readers and followers are in need of to help them in their business or personal life. A great way to collect this kind of information is to offer a survey to groups or networks that you belong to. Find out what people need help with and hone in on that one aspect and create a free info-product or service you know your site visitors will use.
  • Once you have collected all the information you need, take some time out of your day or week or even a few weeks and write up your eBook. Your eBook is something that can be typed up, saved as a PDF file and can be offered in the form of a digital download by providing a download link to your subscribers. You can add your brand to the document by using your logo, screenshot graphics as visuals, providing links within your document so that subscribers can get back to your site or to your social media platforms. If your free offer giveaway is a free phone consultation, then be specific in what your subscriber will receive when they have their call with you. Make it easy for them to schedule their time with you. Use a free or paid calendar scheduling system like TimeTrade (formerly TimeDriver) or Vcita and offer it to those interested in speaking with you.
  • Be sure to strategically place your free offer and web form on a highly visible place on your website or blog. Most people will place it on the top right-hand side of their right sidebar. Some will have it placed to the right of their logo or header image. Either place is fine for placement. A word of advice…be sure to not allow the main content or other items on your site sidebar to bury your free offer. Make it bold, even using graphics in the form of an eBook book image to create a visual interest from your site visitors. Here’s my favorite free offer web form on Kim Garst’s site (one of the Top 10 social media gurus). Check it out HERE. See how bold and colorful it is? Now that’s a free offer I cannot pass up. Yes, I signed up for it a while back.
  • Lastly, even if you only have one subscriber, be sure to stay in touch with them. Provide relevant, informational content to them through your email marketing delivery system, like Aweber or MailChimp. You can provide updates on your business, through the delivery of a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter or ezine or simply by consistently posting to your blog. Whichever way you choose to deliver your follow-up emails to your subscribers, always be consistent in your content delivery so that you can build the trust of your readers. Readers and followers that trust you will come to you for future help. That’s a prospect turned client!

If you want to read additional information on free offers, check out my recent article on the Blog Traffic Series, Tip #4 – Create a Free Offer and They Will Come HERE.

If you need help in creating and setting up your free offer, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation and I’ll be happy to consult and work with you in getting that ready for your own website or blog.

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info-productIf you are like me and you run an online, virtual business, who doesn’t want to earn money without putting a lot of hours into dollars? That’s what we call earning a “passive income”. There are plenty of online tools that will allow you to create a compelling information-based product or “info-product” that can be a cash cow if it is set up and marketed properly.

Here are 6 Tips on How to Create a Successful Sellable Info Product:

1. Find Your Audience

The first thing you want to do is target your audience that you believe would benefit from purchasing a digital product. You need to find out what your audience is looking for first before you can market something. Otherwise, your product will “sit on a shelf” and never make it out of the gate, so to speak. You may even want to consider forming a joint venture partnership with someone that has a bigger following to increase the visibility of your product.

2. Solve a Problem

When developing your information product (or “info-product”), be sure you are providing a solution to your audience. I would suggest you send out a survey to groups or listservs you belong to and get their input on what their challenges are in their business (or even personal life). Based on their answers, you can create a product unique to their challenges and very unique to what your competition is offering. A lot of online info-products, in my opinion, are general in nature because they were possibly thrown together and a price tag was added.

3. Start Writing and Developing Your Product

The development stage of your product can be the hardest part. Find the focused time in your day or week to write and put together your product. The sooner you can put together your product, the sooner you can start marketing it and selling it online. But also to be real and authentic in your voice when writing. That alone can be the difference between a sale or a rejection.

4. Find a Place to Distribute Your Product

Aside of setting up your product in a popular cart and email delivery system, you can also look into using Clickbank to host your product because of its mass product search where others can find your product(s) there. For my product setup and delivery, I use the WP eStore plugin, coupled with Aweber, to perform both functions of the purchase process, followed by the delivery of the product in a nice, automated email.

5. Promote Your Product Yourself and with the Help of Others

There are a myriad of ways you can promote your product. You can always feature your new product on your website by making it visible on your site sidebar AND having it’s own stand-alone page that visitors can come to. I would even go as far as creating a separate URL and web page just for that one product. That way you can track the traffic beyond just your website to see where your visitors are coming from. Also consider promoting your product on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Yes, I said Pinterest. If you have a nice visual cover image of your product, and you have written a nice, key-word rich description for your product, then you have created a great way to have followers find you on Pinterest. I wrote a series of articles on Pinterest you can find here if you missed them when you came to my blog.

6. Update Your Product

Making sure you update your product periodically will also help boost sales too. There is nothing worse than someone buying a product from you if it’s over a year old since the last time it was updated! I would feel really guilty if I knew that my product was out-dated and I was still getting sales from it. Keep your content fresh.

There you have it…tips on how you start creating and selling your digital info-product. Consider creating your own product and selling it if you’re looking for additional forms of income for your business.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions. Please feel free to leave one in the Reply box at the very bottom of this post.