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So how is your hosting company working for you? Have any of your websites been down lately due to down servers at your current hosting company? Are you satisfied with the customer service that your hosting company provides? These are just a couple of questions I would be asking myself if I was in the market for reliable hosting for my website or blog.

One of the very first questions I ask myself about a reliable hosting company is do they support the installation to self-hosted website or blogs? In other words, do they have an automatic install of WordPress that you can easily access via your hosting account dashboard? If so, great! That’s just the tip of the iceberg for creating a WordPress site, maintaining it and making sure it’s backed up regularly.

Here are some other points to ponder before you decide you want to invest in a hosting company that supports WordPress:

  • Does the hosting company have a support team specific to WordPress issues?
  • Does the hosting company provide database diagnostics if there’s a problem with broken database records?
  • Does the hosting company have a backup plan in place in case your WordPress site has been hacked?

It may be that you take the time and contact a couple hosting companies to see if they fully support WordPress. Regardless of the cost, and there are some cheap options out there, choose the right hosting company that will keep your WP site secure and backed up. It’s well worth spending a few dollars more per month or year to maintain your precious content and business.

I have listed below the top five hosting companies that I currently work with or have worked with in the past and find them adequate to handle the job of supporting WordPress for my website and my client websites.

1- HostGator

This is my top pick for hosting WordPress blog and websites. Not only do they provide excellent customer service for WordPress sites, they also the fastest WP install, in my opinion. I actually switched to HostGator from using GoDaddy for a number of years. It ended up that GoDaddy did not help me with a WordPress membership plugin issue, so I switched and the plugin feature now works on one of my membership sites.

2 – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is also a good choice for supporting WordPress. They do have a separate support desk just for WP issues. They also make it easy to get access to the WP application window where you can create as many installs of WP you want. The one drawback, for me, was the time it took to complete the install of WordPress on my URL or domain name. Sometimes, it would take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour!

3 – DreamHost

I use DreamHost currently with a client and I’ve had no problems with the dashboard or with WP sites themselves.

4 – Fatcow

I have only used Fatcow once, but it is really inexpensive and you get unlimited space for your WP site. And if you are environmentally conscious, here’s a neat tip about them: they use wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates to compensate for the electricity required to run their web hosting services. How cool is that?

5 – BlueHost

I have used BlueHost in the past with clients, but had an issue with one of the site backups that did not bring everything back from the backup restore session. Pretty scary! Otherwise, they are a pretty good choice for hosting WordPress sites.

I do want to share with you with an article I came across when I was writing my own blog post. It shares with you the best WordPress hosting services based on consumer ratings. Check out this article. I am providing my opinion on which hosting companies are best based on my experience with them, however, you are more than welcome to take the other article into consideration when deciding which hosting company to use.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding WordPress hosting. I’ll be happy to answer you back. Just leave your comment at the bottom of the blog post.

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