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Here is a no-brainer tip for you…if you manage several social media platforms and want to conjoin them into one place for easy access and quick posting to more than one platform at a time, then you NEED to subscribe to the now very popular HootSuite program. It’s what I use and it’s what I recommend all of my clients use who want to add social media marketing to their business plan. It’s a free, web-based program unless you decide you want more of the automation features.

About three years ago, when Twitter had become very popular in its infancy, what I thought was a great way to manage my¬†Twitter account, turned out that it didn’t have everything that HootSuite had at the time. I was using the software download called Tweetdeck. I had a good friend and colleague of mine introduce me to HootSuite, so I gave it a try and I’ve been hooked ever since.

One of the biggest features that HootSuite offers is the ability to integrate the following social media platforms into your logged in dashboard:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Foursquare
  • MySpace
  • WordPress
  • And apps like Bufferapp, Instragram, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Mailchimp and Constant Contact, and more…

I know Pinterest is not listed above, but it’s a matter of time that HootSuite will add their platform to their program soon. I know I’ll be adding my Pinterest account as soon as it become available for HootSuite.

One of the other popular features that I like about HootSuite is its ability to allow you to schedule tweets into the future, either one tweet or post at a time or a bundle of tweets uploaded at one time (bulk upload with Pro paid account). This feature is a great time-saver when you are streamlining your marketing and trying to market on the run. I’ve done that before!

  • Some of the other features not mentioned above are:
  • Custom analytic reporting
  • Ability to search and follow other Twitter accounts quickly and easily
  • Teams and conversations
  • Message management
  • Tight security

Give HootSuite a test drive and tell me if it’s not what you need to manage your social media marketing. There’s no excuse not to implement this kind of marketing if you have a great tool like HootSuite to pull it all together in one place for you to manage.

Until tomorrow…(Day 30 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge)