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Because my area of expertise revolves around social media marketing, each day I find myself doing a lot of research and reading articles on the web that pertains to my craft. It’s important to keep up-to-date on information that will help you with your business. It’s part of the ongoing business development every business owner needs to have budgeted in their annual business plan. I believe it’s just as important as your business marketing plan.

Buffer AppWith that said, if there is anything that you find on the web and you want to share it with your Twitter or Facebook followers, there is an APP for that! Sure, you can use a platform like HootSuite to manage and schedule your social media posts, but what I find even more effective and easy to use is the Buffer App.

Here are some reasons why I like using the Buffer App for my daily social media marketing efforts:

  • You can have your blog posts schedule out to different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn based on scheduling criteria you set up in your Buffer App account. Install and configure the Buffer App plugin for WordPress
  • To better determine what is the best time to post to your social media platforms, like Twitter, you can subscribe to that will send your best times to tweet to your Buffer App account just by the click of a button. It’s all about the automation! Tweriod analyzes your Twitter follower list and based on the times they are viewing their Home Feed, this platform provides you the best times during the day to tweet and post to your other social media platforms when you may receive the most exposure to what you are posting.
  • Depending on which browser you use, you can also install the Buffer App extension (link is for the Google Chrome extension) and add it as an icon to your browser toolbar. Then when you are on a web page (any web page), you can buffer that page and select whichever social media platforms you want to post to. Plus, you can add your own text to the buffer post. Just remember you need to leave space for the URL link if you are tweeting and staying within the 140 character rule for tweet posts.

So you can get a visual picture of how the Buffer App works, I have provided several screenshots below using my own account.

Your Buffer App Dashboard

Tweeting Your Favorite Blog Article, gives you ability to Buffer it

Buffer App allows you to select which platform to post to and it gives you the amount of characters you have left to provide your own comment in the post or tweet

If you have any questions regarding the Buffer App tool, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly so I can better help you understand how to use the App effectively for your social media marketing.

More soon!