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pinterestspamAs Pinterest continually grows in one of the largest and possibly the most popular of the image sharing social sites, it does have it’s share of scammers and spammers, just like any internet site that you could actually find yourself accidentally clicking on. But just like any email or web page you are asked to visit, you must always take precaution when proceeding to do so. That just makes best business sense to protect your computer and to protect others from becoming infected if you have unknowingly started a virus or you’ve shared your information without realizing your identity has been stolen.

Examples of Spam, Scams and Hoaxes

Spammers can set up bogus accounts, using an automated software, so they can follow you, in hopes of you following them back. They’ll pin what you think is interesting images, then you re-pin them, sharing them with others. Spammers can also hack your account, discovering what your password is, then taking over your Pinterest account and posting pins on your behalf.

Bogus surveys have made their way into Pinterest, creating a way for scammers to offer a free gift for someone that completes it. First, you’re lured into clicking on the free gift Pinterest image, then as part of receiving the free gift, you have to share the pin on your profile, thus providing a way for many more to access the pin so they can re-pin it. That’s where it can take off and become “viral” in a bad way. 

After you complete the survey, you will be asked for address information and debit/credit card information so you can receive your free gift in the mail. The only gift you will receive is a big fat nothing!

As a photo sharing platform, you’re bound to run into fake images that have been altered or photoshopped to be considered as real images. Don’t fall for that. These are images created by your scammers. As I mentioned before, it’s best to practice caution when pinning or re-pinning images that look suspicious. 

If you want to avoid the ugly side of scamming and spamming on Pinterest, here are three tips to remember when marketing and networking on Pinterest:

  1. Use caution when clicking on any image, even on friends’ sites and you should be just a bit wary about participating in surveys or re-pinning suspicious images.
  2. Never, ever disclose your password or provide personal information to a site you’re not comfortable with. If it sounds fishy, then it is most likely a scammer trying to lift your information and create an attack on your identity.
  3. Pinterest has been more vigilant in putting the right protection tools in place to avoid scammers and spammers to infiltrate their platform, but it helps for you as a user to abide by these simple rules to keep your account protected as well. If you feel you have found a board or a pin that is suspicious, then report the pin to Pinterest. In the pinned image itself, you can click on the grey flag located at the bottom of the pin, then select the reason for reporting it. See screenshots below.



Now that you’ve been equipped with the information you need to know to avoid spammers, scammers and hoaxes, pin on! 🙂

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Tfb&pinterestoday’s video tutorial illustrates how you can quickly post your Pinterest boards and pins on your Facebook business page. There is no automatic integration for your Facebook page like there is for your personal profile, so the easiest way to promote your valuable pins is to simply copy and paste the link of the pin (or a specific board) and provide a short post directly onto your FB page. Check out this short video on how easy it is! 

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pop-melanieAs part of my marketing development training for February, I have been taking the past few days to revisit the Power of Pinning program from Melanie Duncan and I highly recommend her training program to fully leverage Pinterest marketing for your business. (Note: I’m not an affiliate…just a big fan of Melanie’s program.)

If you are regularly present on social media, then you should know visual images are really popular, receiving the most engagement and activity when someone posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I don’t want to leave out Instagram as it makes its mark on social media, but I will leave that to another post in the future. With that said, I would really look at delving into Pinterest now and jumping on board like many other business owners and capitalize on how it can increase exposure and traffic to your website…and it’s all because of an image you (or someone else) created. When Pinterest was first released, people looked at it as a hobby and pinning things they liked, allowing them to come back to their pins and pull the info from them when they needed it. Fast forward a few years later and Pinterest is now used for many ways to attract followers who share the same ideas and inspirations. You can really engage your following by INSPIRING them with what you know is a solution to their needs. I know this may sound complicated now, but if you purchase and study through Melanie’s Power of Pinning program, you will get a better understanding of how Pinterest really works and that is just on the first module!

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power-of-pinning-pinterestJust to give you a quick look into the Power of Pinning program, it’s a 7-module training program that provides all the information you need to start your own Pinterest business account, all the way to how to measure the results of your Pinterest account. Each module provides at least six short video tutorials that you can watch over and over, with life-time access (Mod 7 has two videos). Each module also has a handout that allows you hands-on note-taking and just writing down what inspires you and what would inspire your audience. It’s a great way to brainstorm ideas once you receive inspiration from Melanie! She walks you through and describes each step with clear and concise instruction. She even goes that extra mile and provides tried and true tips that would work for any business owner. I really liked viewing Modules 5 and 6 where she talks about how to express our business value to our audience and ways to build our follower list quickly. When you put value and followers together, you’re sure to build trust and expertise that will ultimately drive traffic to your website. 

Right now, I have a small following on my Pinterest business account, but over the next few weeks, I am going to place Pinterest marketing at the top of my daily marketing schedule and build my boards and my following so I can start to see the results from it. I highly recommend you do the same. 

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views-imgRecently, I was introduced to a new plugin that I simply cannot live without as part of my WordPress development toolbox. I enjoy creating WordPress websites and blogs for clients, but what makes them unique and pleasing to the eye is something that comes from the client and what THEY want, not what I want. I do have some say-so in how I believe the client should lay out their website or blog, but ultimately, it’s up to the client in how they want their website to look, to flow and whether or not it’s suited to drive traffic to it. 

So what’s the plugin called? It’s the ‘Views’ plugin and it’s exactly what every WordPress developer or website designer needs to have when they are creating websites for clients. I highly recommend purchasing a copy of it.

In short, the Views plugin allows you to display content any way you want, regardless of the WordPress theme you decide to use on a website. As a matter of fact, you can build a complete website just by using the Views plugin. That’s just how good it is. This really opens up how some themes can be unflexible, but with the addition of adding views, you can expand the possibility of how you want elements to display on your site.

Let me show you just a couple of examples of how I was able to customize three pages on a recent client website I designed.

Below is an example of a blog summary page, but notice it only has one blog post on it, showing as an excerpt with a ‘read more’ link to the full blog, but also notice there is an hyperlinked button image that takes you to a blog archives page. But the blog archives page is two columns of blog titles that you can click on and get to the full article for each title. This is not standard for any blog directory where you assign a page to show your blog posts on. These are “views” I set up within the Views plugin and it allows me to embed the “view” into a regular page, so it shows exactly how the clients wants it to show.



Another example is how I was able to display the client testimonials on a page. Each testimonial is a blog post, but so that they do not show up in the recent posts, I made sure the testimonials category I created is not visible on the website, but just on the Testimonials page (screenshot below). Then in the “view” I set up, I created the testimonial posts, in two columns, so they only showed an excerpt with a read more link to the rest of the testimonial. Again, this is not standard with the theme the client chose for their website. Now there are ways to dig into the functions code of a WP theme, but unless you are an expert developer and you know what you’re doing, I suggest using the Views plugin and it takes out all the guess-work for you. 


Note: I’m not an affiliate of the Views plugin, but just a happy end user of the product! This plugin got me out of a jam when my client requested special layouts for her website.

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sg_serpstatAs I regularly skim the internet for great business resources and software, I was informed of another free keyword tool that I wasn’t aware of until just a few days ago. It’s called Sg.SerpStatSo I had to try it out for myself. Let’s just say, ‘I’m hooked!’ And with that said, I had the pleasure of receiving just how the this keyword tool works right from the person who developed it. His name is Austin Ahamba and below is the information he provided to me so I can post it on today’s blog, giving him the credit and the visibility to drive traffic to the site. You won’t be disappointed!

Sg.SerpStat is a free keyword suggestions tool that’ll make your work with keywords really quick, easy and convenient. This is a new service that has been launched for everybody who works with keyword search suggestions. 

Serpstat comes with a lot of exciting features:


  • Gives a full list of keywords on your query in seconds;


  • It also comes with an additional unique feature of generating interrogative questions. These are the FAQs people ask on the search engine on daily basis— you can easily create a nice content plan with this. 


  • unites search suggestions in topics;


  • export keyword results in a convenient unloading document format (TXT).

NB: You’ll be required to sign up in order to export your keyword results. This can be done in seconds.


The search is performed on Google search engine, USA. Try Serpstat tool right now:  It’s 100% free of charge! 

So there you have it. Feel free to share your experience with the tool once you’ve given it a try. I would like to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. 🙂

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