About Aletha.

admheadshotborderMy name is Aletha McManama and I am your Digital Marketing Maven, ready to serve you in your business! 

I haven’t always carried the title of Digital Marketing Maven, but it has taken me time to build up to this reputation through persistence and building my own online empire using the power of digital marketing and social media marketing. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I use the powerful blogging and website platform, WordPress, to package it all up to market my business as well as other businesses that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Not only do I know how to use WordPress, but I also consult and train business owners on how to use it to build their own website and blog, plus train them on how to market their business just by their website alone. Easy enough, right? It can be as long as you put the time into marketing your business consistently and effectively using the right tools available.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone or stop by my contact page to schedule a consultation call to discuss your business marketing and WordPress website development strategy.

As I have always said (and still do), I believe it is important to represent my client in a way that I think like them, speak like them and give them the attention they deserve. It has to be a mutual partnership in order for the success of your business to reach its potential.”

Oh, and little something personal about me just because I love getting to know my clients on a personal level…

When I’m not busy with client projects, I’m busy volunteering with our local Girl Scout Troop that my daughter, Chloe, is an active member of. My other passions include jogging, crocheting, cooking, and just relaxing with my fantastic husband, Tom, my two wonderful children, Dakotah and Chloe, and my three wild and crazy fur babies who I have claimed to raise and feed. What a family!